Retirement housing for the future

A new way of living as an elderly

Svenska Vårdfastigheter builds and owns environmentally sound, high-quality care properties for Swedish municipalities and care organizations. Focusing on ecologically, socially and economically sustainable projects, we are building a long-term property portfolio.

We build social infrastructure

Two of our current projects are Terra Nova in Visby and Östra Sala backe in Uppsala.

Quality projects become quality housing

Svenska Vårdfastigheter works according to a well-defined project model, which comprises all important phases – from assessment of potential projects to financing, project startup, procurement of project partner services, production and long-term management.


Cost efficiency is ensured throughout the production process – from the drawing board to procurement, construction and long-term management. Our building process guarantees a safe and cost-efficient end product.


Svenska Vårdfastigheter is  environmentally certified (ISO) and  continuously develop new solutions to make our buildings more environmentally sustainable.


The creativity of our strongly committed, award-winning architects leads to unexpected solutions. Our stylish homes offer a new way af looking at public housing.


From concept to moving in within twelve months. Industrial production, optimized in every phase, results in a short building time – without negatively affecting the quality.


Safety is our main concern. Our safety work applies to everything that we do, from designing apartments to state-of-the-art IT systems for entry and surveillance.

A new way of looking at how we should live when we get old

Svenska Vårdfastigheter builds homes for primarily 55+ citizens. We select spectacular and attractive locations for our retirement homes, sheltered housings and care properties – focusing on design, esthetics, safety, functionality and quality of life. Our proactive, discrete and intelligent solutions let you stay on in your existing home for as long as you wish, and then move on to living safely and comfortably in a modern retirement home. Our buildings can contain anything from a sunroom with all-year-round Mediterranean indoor climate to SPAs, relax centers, overnight apartments for families and guests, virtual-reality studio simulating a biking vacation in Tuscany or a beach with healthy sunlight, sand between your toes and the scent of ocean and tar. Our homes combine a light and modern planning with the highest safety to create an inspiring sense of community.


Our properties

Sickla Ö/Nacka
Care housing, 2012.
Care housing, 2013.
Care housing, 2014.
Care housing, 2014.
Care housing, 2015.
Östra Sala backe/Uppsala
Care housing, pre-school, 2017.
Care housing, pre-school, 2018.
Terra nova/Visby
Care housing, 2017.
Sheltered housing, 2018.
Care housing, 2019.
Sheltered housing, 2018.
Care housing, pre-school, 2018.
Partille Port/Partille
Care housing, commercial, 2018.
Care housing, march 2019.
Care housing, 2019.

What our customers think of us

"The retirement home on Tuvvägen is a good example of the importance of architectural diversity to the urban development. The building stands out and people really like it."
Martina Mossberg (M), formerly chairman of the municipal executive board, now opposition councilwoman, Haninge municipality
”We appreciate our professional cooperation with Svenska Vårdfastigheter. They are always committed and determined to solve our common challenges.”
Peter Ceder, Development Manager, Aleris Omsorg.
”We have worked with Svenska Vårdfastigheter in many successful projects and look forward to more good cooperation in future.”
Urban Thorén, Attendo